Kratom leavesKratom are the leaves of Mitrogyna spiciosa, of the Rubiacase family. It’s a four meters to sixteen meters high tree indigenous in the tropical South East Asia areas of Philippines and New Guinea. Traditionally, in SoutheastAsia the kratom users consumed the dry or fresh leaves of the plant. They were either freshly chewed or dried to make tea by local manual laborers to help improve their productivity. Kratom was also used in treating medical conditions as well as in social gathering as a substitute for opium.


The users of kratom especially those who prefer chewing it, chew at least three to ten times a day. The users of kratom mainly use it as a stimulant. Occasional or continuous chewing of kratom keeps the body system stimulated. The effect of stimulant begins five to ten minutes after chewing the fresh leaves. Kratom is believed to help its users calm their minds hence increasing their productivity at work. However, kratom chewers experience some side effects such as weight loss and withdrawal symptoms like muscle aches.

Masking of beverages

Kratom has a unique good bitter taste, it is added to beverages in South East Asia due to its bitter taste masking the sweet taste of beverages and sugar. Kratom is from the same family rubiacase, as the coffee plant. Therefore, kratom possess some of the qualities present in coffee thus making it possible for it to be added in beverages. The dry leaves of kratoms can be crushed into powder form and prepared together with another beverage to make tea. In the native areas of South East Asia, it commonly used by hard work laborers to sustain their energy and also acts as a stimulant during work.


Traditionally, kratom was believed to have some medicinal importance. People used kratoms as painkillers for chronic pain and psychiatric therapies. It also has some similar effect such as opium which helps improve the physical abilities of its users. It has been used as a substitute for both opium and morphine since it’s cheaper and has a larger market in the internet. However, many people who use it for medicinal purpose self-medicate or are advised by a health professional. Those people who self-medicate should be aware that despite its medicinal advantages it also has some adverse effects on their health and when kratom is used with other drugs it is fatal.

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