Kratom and opioid addictionSome pain medications such as Roxicodone have been known to have some dependence characteristics when consumed.Dependence leads to unpleasing symptoms such as sweating and could include trembling depending on the individual level. A withdrawal symptom from failure to take these medicines is what drives many people to search for a similar alternative with an equal feeling of euphoria. Some people may opt to watch television or even engage in longer resting periods. In some cases, other medications may be used or even better substances to curb the withdrawals.

Kratom impacts

Kratom is among some of the substances that are used to counter these withdrawals when they have reached a critical level. Kratom is an herbal extract originating from South East Asia from the Mitragyna Speciosa tree. In many American states, it is used as a dietary supplement however it has not been regulated hence rising concern over its use. Many people use this product for the treatment of opioid addiction, relieve stress or even counter depression. How this drug can be easily gotten makes it a favorite for many individuals suffering from withdrawal symptoms. However, some researches have linked kratom to even more withdrawals and addictions to the consumer instead of treating them.


A study linked regular users of kratom to withdrawal symptoms such as those of opioid use after consumption for a period of up to six months. Continuous use of kratom products may lead to the development of cravings and dependence generally requiring the assistance of more medications to cure the addiction. In most of the cases whereby death has been reported, the users did not only use kratom and used other strong drugs as supplements. It is justified to say that despite kratom proving to be a useful alternative to opioids; it does not cure the addiction and could end up leading to kratom related addictions.

Addiction treatment

Among some of the kratom effects include pain relief and anxiety relief in addition to the creation of the euphoric feeling. Kratom has the same effect as opioids whereby it activates receptors matching those of opioid use hence an effective tool in the treatment of opioid addiction. However, the receptors activated are different from those of regular drugs decreasing the withdrawal symptoms while at the same time giving an equal high to those of drugs. Government regulations have to be set in place to control self-treatment controlling the risk of intake of unintended substances with kratom.

There are many benefits of kratom and it can be used as home remedy for opioid withdrawal. Read here about how to use kratom safely of withdrawal for opioid which is an addiction.